About us

DISA is a cute unicorn cloud character based on a children's book called: 'Disa the Dream Digger' that empowers children to believe in themselves and their dreams! 

It all started as a children’s book written by me (Sædís Sif Jónsdóttir). The book was first published in my country Iceland back in 2014", and was later published in the US (2015"). The book combines beautiful illustrations and poetry. 




My oldest son Manuel (4 years old at the time) helped create Disa. He did the first drawing, I made the second, and the illustrator 'Alyssa Erin' helped us bring Disa into digital form:




About the Author (me): 

My name is Sædís Sif Jónsdóttir. I am an Icelandic writer/poet, life coach, the CEO & creator of 'Disa the Dream Digger' , entrepreneur, wife, and the mother of our three beautiful boys: Manuel, Daniel, and Samuel who are the basis of the brothers in my book (named: Mannie, Dannie & Sammie).



I am known in my family as the dreamer. People around me would tell me to come back down to earth, but I love my colorful imagination that keeps me in the clouds sometimes! 

One of my dreams was to write a book, and it has come true!


I guess the main character (Disa) is me, trying to give out the message to my children and other children around the world, helping them understand that they have to believe to succeed.

 Me as an cartoon character


My beautiful boys with our DISA mascot :)


We have been making videos for children on our Youtube channel: 


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THANK YOU for visiting our website, where we will sell beautiful products based on Disa and her friends, share news and updates of our growing family business!




Love & Light,

Sædís Sif Jónsdóttir